Towards a more resilient and sustainable energy future.
Levanta Renewables is a utility-scale and C&I renewable energy developer and Independent Power Producer. We aim to play a critical role in Southeast Asia’s energy transition and help the region meet its net zero goals.
A just energy transition
Levanta exists not only to help in the development of a more sustainable energy system, but also to ensure a just energy transition. Project development is carried out in a disciplined and selective manner, with detailed technical and feasibility studies, and environmental and social impact assessments undertaken for all our prospective projects. In doing so, we ensure that the development of renewable energy sources is done in a sustainable and ethical manner.
Building a sustainable and secure energy future with

Levanta will leverage Actis’ proven buy-and-build strategy to scale our business into a 1.5 GW renewable energy platform across Southeast Asia, delivering power to a range of offtakers including state and private power companies and C&I customers.

We will work in partnership with Actis’ in-house Sustainability team to establish world-class ESG standards across our business, ensuring that our business closely aligns with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals as we deliver clean power across the region.

Power in
As a diversified renewable energy platform, we harness the power of sustainable energy sources in all its forms, providing flexibility to our business and enabling us to adapt to the unique circumstances of each country.
We aim to operate within the onshore wind, ground mounted solar and rooftop solar markets across Southeast Asia, supplying power to governments and private enterprises.
Onshore Wind

Renewable energy generated by harnessing the power of wind using wind turbines on land.

Ground Mounted Solar

Renewable energy generated by harnessing the power of the sun using photovoltaic panels that are mounted on the ground or on large floating platforms over water.

Commercial & Industrial

Large energy consumers who have the ability to source renewable energy from onsite rooftop solar panels, captive ground mounted solar panels and remote utility scale wind and solar power plants in case of open access markets.

powers you?
We’re constantly looking for people passionate about making a difference in the world and who want to play a role in Southeast Asia’s energy transition.
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